10 Hidden Features & Tricks Available In iPhone That Even Its Users Don’t Know

Swipe eraser.


This is pretty cool; you can simply erase the text one by one just by swiping it towards left.
This makes the task super effective.



You can shoot panoramas to the direction you want.
Just swipe the screen to the direction you want the panorama to end.

Physical shutter button.


You may be aware of this feature, in the new iOS version Apple has integrated a feature to click photos with volume key.

This is very helpful as getting the figure on the screen is sometimes difficult.

Fast charging.


Okay, not an iPhone specific trick, but when you are in a hurry and want your phone to get charged quickly, then put your phone on Flight mode, this will help the phone to charge soon.

Correct Siri’s pronounciation


Siri doesn’t pronounce the name right on many of the occasions.

Thankfully, it can be corrected.

The next time Siri pronounce the name wrong, just reply that “you didn’t pronounce my name correctly.” Then Siri will ask you to feed the name properly, just speak the name in the way you want, and it is done.

See where you have been.


iPhone keeps track of your location, though it is kept safe you can access it anytime you want.

With the recent visits, you can also track the most visited places.

To track the recent location and the favourite location go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations.

You can also disable the feature if you are not happy on you being tracked.



The app we all hate but couldn’t get rid off.

But here is a surprise, swipe left once you are in the app and it will show if the floor or desk is exactly levelled or not.

Close three apps at once.


Save time by using three fingers to swipe away all the apps visible on the multitasking screen.

Click pictures without touching the phone.


If you have wireless headphones which are supported on your iPhone, then the pressing of volume key once the camera app is active will have the same effect as shutter key on the screen.

Feed your family tree on Siri.


Siri can remember your family tree once you feed the details into it.

For instance, linking your dad’s name with his contact details will be remembered by Siri, and the next time you ask Siri to dial your father, it will smartly do it.

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