A guy questioned her about baseball, and the reply is just EPIC!

There is a certain stereotype that girls do not know much about sports. Most of the guys pride themselves on the simple fact that they are more knowledgeable in sports like baseball, basketball, football and other “guy” sports, that girls don’t know much about. One guy decided to question a girl by the name of Megan, about her sports knowledge, after coming to know that she loved baseball. The answer given by Megan has gone viral and you have to read the answer to know why.

An over-smart dude tried to insult her, but got it right back in his face!

This unnamed guy doubted Megan’s love for baseball. He was someone, who Megan had met on a dating app and they started texting after exchanging numbers. This person questions Megan’s love for baseball and then went on to belittle her, saying that he had never met a girl that loved baseball. Probably the dude didn’t read her bio on Twitter which says “awkward as Bartolo (Colon) at bat but not nearly as se*y.” She is then challenged by the dude to a trivia question about baseball and he asks her to name NL East teams in 10 seconds. Her reply is what has caught the internet in a storm.


The girl’s EPIC reply



Megan responded in an epic pun laded reply, which had all the names of NL East teams. Megan is a Milwaukee Brewers fan and she was possibly tired by the guy asking absurd questions about sports and the fact that he routinely questioned her sports knowledge. Megan kicked the stereotype to the curb with this epic answer. The answer which was pun-tastic had references to the New York Mets, Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, Miami Marlins and now-defunct Montreal Expos of the National League East. The text exchange was posted on Twitter by Megan and it was re-tweeted more than 10,000 times and even caught the eye of the NY Mets. The people commented her on putting the guy in his place.


Excerpt from Megan’s reply

‘It was nice to have Met(s) you, and maybe it was Brave(s) of you to ask this question, but it’s somewhat insulting,’ she began. ‘I could Phill(ies) you in on the answer, but I’ll have to pass.’ ‘It seems to be a National(s) problem with men trying to Expos(e) (bonus!) girls for not being ‘real sports fan’ instead of taking our word for it.’


‘But don’t worry – you know what they say – there’s other Marlins in the sea.’

And after that, he never responded. End of that Chapter of Megan’s life, but it sure did teach that a guy a lesson!

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