After Ten Years, She Spots Something Mysterious In The Abandoned Hospital…

The abandoned hospital…


This building in New Orleans used to be a Charity Hospital until 2005 before it faced devastating floods during the striking of Hurricane Katrina.

The authorities couldn’t rebuild the inside of the hospital due to massive damage it faced and so they decided to close the building.

Since then the hospital had been abandoned.

10 years later, this is the picture everyone is talking about…


One late night after the work, Lisa Walley Staggs spotted this disturbing sight in one of the windows of the hospital building while making her way back to home.

Could you spot that light?


Have a look at this close view…


Lisa told that while she was in the parking garage, she got a glimpse of this glowing purple figure which she assumed to be some sort of LED Christmas tree!

She took this to mention on Facebook..


Lisa took to Facebook to post this uncanny event and share it with all.

And this was the response..


Soon after Lisa posted this event, an Instagram user-the shortestsim, posted this picture mentioning it to be the inside of the room where Lisa saw the glowing purple light.

He predicted these lights to be the cause of the glow and not some terrifying Christmas tree or ghost.

Many believed it to be true and the others are just making their assumptions.

But..I am totally spooked!


Are you scared just like me? Or what do you think would be the cause of that purple light?

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