Awesome Tips To Help You Spot The Differences Between A Real And A Fake Product

Quality of accessories.


A brand always checks the accessories and make sure that the accessories are good in quality and defect free before forwarding it for an open market.



A brand is always aware of the packaging of its product, a fake product will not have a good packaging and you will definitely find some faults.

Quick manual.


The brand always makes a product’s manual according to the customer, and if you are receiving a manual in a non-local or any other language (except English), then the chances are it is smuggled.

Brand logo.


A brand’s logo is the best way to figure out if the product is fake or not.
In a fake product, the logo will have a slight change, which will look like the original but will not be the same time.



Every country has their own standard accessories like a charger, if you don’t find the charger according to your standard electric plug then it might be a smuggled product.

Also, the brand doesn’t use two-tone colours in their chargers.

If you find the plastic in two different plastic shades then it might be a fake product made with a cheap plastic.

Wires and plugins.


A brand uses a good quality wire, the detailing is also noticeably good.

Fake products don’t have much detailing.

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