Google Street View Can Get Pretty Ridiculous


Restless Google street-view exploration vans have to travel countless miles and go to all sorts of distant areas to ensure that Google maps are constantly updated. While on their journey, these whips capture all sorts of weird things going on outside!

Suburban Samurais


What? You thought your neighbourhood is awesome? But is it “two samurais fighting to death” awesome? We thought so! Nobody really knows why they have this beef going on. Perhaps they are fighting over who’s going to slay all those demon cars driving around, who knows?

Wait! Is That A Real Platypus??


We have so many questions after seeing this picture. First of all it is as bizarre as it is unbelievably cute! Come on, how many times during your lifetime you see a guy on a unicycle riding with his pet Platypus?! Well, we’re not sure this is actually Platypus, might also be a cute monkey wearing a baseball hat!

When You Visit The Wrong Neighborhood


Overgrown mutant human-pigeons? Why the hell not, nothing impresses a Google van driver anymore, he has seen it all. Peculiar to notice this species of pigeons don’t care as much if you throw bread crumbs at them, they are going after that good ol’ green cash.



It’s a curious fact but sometimes Google captures itself on its street views. It’s hard to say why, perhaps it’s their weird obsession with being in total control of everything that’s going. We just hope that the poor guy on this tricycle doesn’t have to work it with his legs manually.



As we mentioned before Google street view vans travel to all sorts of place, even if that means they have to embark on a dangerous journey into the underwater kingdom where savage aqua-people reside. Nothing stops a Google van, back-off Poseidon!

Master of Subtlety


In case you guys were wondering what it really looks like from the side whenever you’re gazing up all the pretty girls strolling around. This picture is rather accurate depiction. Suggestions? Get a pair of stunning shades, and you can at least keep some of that dignity left in you.

When you’re driving through the hood


This is clearly not what Coca-Cola referred to in their commercials when they encouraged people to share the drink. This guy is clearly taking it to the next level. Such a sweet young man, his mom can be proud of his accomplishments.

We Found Him!


The search is over ladies and gentlemen. While everyone was wondering where could this guy possibly hide, he was right there, on the corner doing grocery shopping in his hometown. Nothing escapes the all-seeing eye of Google!

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