The Internet Is Going Bananas About These Google Riddles. Try To Solve Them If You Can!


If you want to work for the tech giant that is Google, you have to be clever enough to pass the job interviews first. Likewise, the company will test your wits by providing problems and riddles that could make you go mad.

But if you are still willing to go through this mental agony, try answering this Google riddle.

The Google riddle


If you want to work for Google, you should be able to solve riddles like this one. This one is usually utilized not just by Google, but also by Goldman Sachs.

This is the visualization


If you cannot image it properly in your head, check out this image so that you can make a perfect analysis.

Do you know the answer?


Remember that getting this correctly will give you a higher chance of working for Google and essentially having your dream job.

Imagine the possibilites


The riddle is quite difficult because Google is a great company. Thus, more than 3 million people send applications to Google every single year.

But very few people get hired by Google


Even with millions of people hoping to work for the world’s biggest tech company, only 0.2 percent of these people will be hired.

This is the answer


To be honest, I could not have solved this riddle. The answer is as brilliant as the problem posed.

Here are some funny responses


Someone used the “blue or gold dress” meme to provide a humorous answer. Mike, on the other hand, was completely baffled.

Another solution?


Ramon noted that counting would not be possible if there was a time limitation, so he suggested another solution.

Going for power


One practical solution would be simply to fight the guard and stop the “evil” game.

Finally, we got another response


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