This Campsite Puzzle Is Giving Headache To The Internet, Can You Solve It?

Are you a genius?


Solving puzzles is one of my favorite pastimes. They are an amalgamation of fun, enjoyment, and wit. When there is a spark of pleasure with intelligence, there is great enjoyment. This is exactly what this engrossing puzzle is. And I am sure you will recommend this puzzle to your friends, coz of the excitement level it brings in you.

Here is a puzzle showing tourists at a campsite and there are nine interesting questions to be answered. This is a photo taken from an old children’s magazine. Time to rack your brains folks!

The campsite puzzle photo.


This is a black and white drawing in which three tourists can be seen at the campsite. Each one is engaged in a different activity, one is rifling through his backpack, another is standing by the cooking pot with a ladle and the last one is clicking photos. Hope you have seen this photo carefully.

These are the nine questions you have to search answers for.


Scroll down to find out how many questions you have answered correctly.

Answer #1) 4 Tourists are staying at the camp.


This is pretty obvious, looking at the number of plates and spoons on the blanket, i.e., 4. Also, there are 4 names on the duty list.

Answer #2) They arrived a few days ago.


This is clear from the cobweb that has been formed, as it takes the time to be spinned.

Answer #3) They got to the site by boats.


The oar leaning by the side of the tree points towards the answer to the question.

Answer #4) Yes, there is a town nearby.


There is a chicken that is roaming around the campsite. This shows that a town/village must be nearby.

Answer #5) The wind is blowing from the South.


The direction of the flag shows that the wind is blowing from the south. Also, the branches of the trees are generally bigger on the southern sides of the trees, happens normally in the Northern Hemisphere.

Answer #6) It is morning.


We have reached this answer, from figuring out the directions of east and west from the answer to question 5 and then worked out the time based on the shadows in the photo.

Answer #7) Alex went to catch butterflies.


This can be guessed by looking at the net that is behind the tent.

Answer #8) Colin was on duty yesterday.


You have to focus to get the answer to this tricky question. There are 4 people camping- Colin, Alex, Peter and James. Alex is catching butterflies. James is the one clicking photos because there is a tripod sticking out of the bag marked ‘J’. Colin is searching through a backpack marked ‘C’. All this points to the conclusion that Peter is standing by the cooking pot. Thus, Peter is on duty today and then according to the list, Colin must be on duty yesterday.

Answer #9) Today’s date is 8 August.


We have arrived at the date looking at the duty list, it must be 8th of some month. And it is 8 August because there is a watermelon on the picnic blanket and watermelons ripe in the month of August only.

We hope you enjoyed this tricky puzzle.

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