This Crazy Puzzle Has Left Thousands Of People Baffled. Can You Solve It?

We have been seeing the Internet emerging up with a lot of stuff to make our head spin. And here I have the latest one that has left hundreds of thousands of people duped.


I highly doubt if you can solve this! Come on, it’s a challenge for you.

1. Find the error!


This puzzle is about the grid of nine numbers asking you to find the error. People have failed in solving the puzzle as they thought it to be a mathematical equation.

Error found – Funny


The answer is funny; the word Mistake is spelled wrong. Like me, most of the people will pay attention to the numbers and will ignore the spelling of the sign.

2. Find a gherkin


The brainteaser is about finding a gherkin mixed with beef burgers, fries, and other delectable dishes. The challenge here is to find Gherkin among other green items like cucumber, avocado and salad leaves.

The Gherkin is hidden towards the bottom left of the image behind an onion ring a beef burger.


An illustrator Sally-Ann Heron, who created this visual puzzle himself forgot where he drew the gherkin. Strange, Isn’t it?

3. Pick out the pasty


The challenge is to spot the lone cheese and onion bake from a pile of steak slices.

The difference lies in the design.


It is hidden at the bottom right of the corner of the image. While the steak bakes had diagonal lines, the cheese and onion bake is designed with V lines.


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